I’m procrastinating on a paper….


Niall lied you on the floor. Within seconds he grabbed a few pillows to prop you. “Here. Place that ass of yours on this.” Having no idea what he had in store, you obliged. He slowly took off the black skirt you had on, and began to roll down the stockings that you had. “We won’t be needing these, tonight,” he said as he winked at you. 

He slowly ran his hands along the sides of your legs and bent your knees and spread your legs wide. You couldn’t help but let out a little moan at his touch. “I want to feel you, Shannon. I want you to enjoy this. We’re going to take it slow tonight, love.” 

You leaned forward to kiss him, and after you placed your hands on his sides. Your entire body was open to him. 

"Oohh…g-g-god," was all you could say when Niall entered you. The pillows added a little something. Maybe it was the angle?

He started moving inside of you at a slow pace. “Faster! Aw, babe, faster.”

"Not so fast. I’ll be callin’ the shots tonight. I told you we’re taking it slow."

This was a different side to Niall. He loved having the usual and quick playful sex with you. Not this time. This time it seemed like he was aiming to please you. He wanted to make sure you felt good. “You feel so good. Uuunf. Oh Shannon.” Niall tried to control his own breathing. He continued to rotate his hips in a circular motion hitting every spot imaginable. 

You let out another loud moan as his figure eights made you feel every inch of his package. This was a change of pace and it felt so good. “Alright, time to switch it up.” His thrusts started picking up speed. You could tell in his eyes that he was couldn’t handle it anymore. You were both about to explode. 

He placed his hands on the floor on either side of you for leverage. 

"Oh, Shannon. F-f-f-fuck!"

It was in that moment that you knew he wanted. You both were in unison. His movements sent you over the edge. You didn’t want to be anywhere else but here. 

Thank you Sara for this kind of hell.  It was just what I needed the other day. I hate you So glad you thought of me while you were procrastinating.  Love you and hope your paper went well.

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