"Niall! Has anyone seen Niall? FOR GOD’S SAKE NIALL WE WANT TO GET THIS GOING!" Louis shouted as he walked through the back hallways of the establishment looking for his blonde band mate. Sure he should have been waiting with the other boys, but he was impatient and needed to find him so they could get done.

But Niall was no where to be found. He was in a closet with you, his nice sweater on the floor with his pants around his ankles, your skirt pushed up out of the way so it rested around your waist while your blouse had been pulled down to reveal the breasts Niall loved so much. You were both fans of quickies in the closets or restrooms before photoshoots or meet and greets. There was the thrill of the threat of being caught and the desperation, not having enough time to get naked..and there was also the satisfaction of fully laying your claim on each other before Niall was paraded around to fans. 

You could barely hear Louis shouting for both of you now as Niall grunted in your ear, deep and primal with every thrust as he continued to destroy you. Your limbs were wrapped around him, doing what you could to help him support you as he fucked you against the wall. He began to curse under his breath, his accent impossibly thick as he said your name between ‘fucks’ and ‘so goods’ and other phrases you weren’t entirely sure were actual words. You loved how he spoke in the heat of the moment. 

All too soon you were collapsing against him slightly as you each came down from your highs, breathing heavily for a few moments before exchanging some sweet kisses and a whispered exchange of “I love you”. Pulling your clothes back on and adjusting yourselves to look presentable you opened the door before blushing at seeing Louis waiting there, his arms crossed and a frown on his eyebrows. He was trying to scowl through  his entire face, but his lips kept twitching into a smirk. “I’m glad you had fun, now, let’s get to work hm?”


Oh…..my…..god….Emily!!!! I was not prepared for this. I let out a shriek when I came back and saw this….I hate you and I love you!

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